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Baby Shawls

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These are made from the same ultrafine (15 micron) fibre as the knitted scarves and shawls, all sourced from Williams’s farm. Because they are made from a pure, sustainably grown, natural fibre, they are ideal for wrapping your baby when they are out and about or snuggled in bed.

Merino has special natural qualities allowing it to draw moisture away from the body while at the same time ensuring an even body temperature. Baby will remain comfortably warm and dry without overheating and will be protected from winter’s chill. Merino is one of earth’s safest natural fibres, being fire resistant , non-shedding, absorbent and best of all, incredibly warm. There is nothing quite like merino for coddling your baby. And you can be reassured that no chemical fumes or residue will emanate from our product because no bleaches or chemical finishes have been applied.

Ivory is the more traditional colour for a baby and ours are simply the colour of the white fleece straight from the sheep but we have also introduced three new eco-dyed colours in sky, sunshine and clover.

All are knitted in our baby basket-weave pattern but can be made in either diamond lace or classic lace on request.

They are boxed in attractive, eco-friendly packaging, making an ideal gift.

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